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Top 10 Hindi Mystery Movies

hello readers of my blog. In this age of instant gratification, infinite distractions and instantaneous means of entertainment, books have lost their sheen, we are hardly able to focus on one topic before something else comes up to distract us. Reading books has become a chore and that too an arduous one, compared to TV and films where you don't need to be patient or invest mentally or financially.

Some people now even find films to be boring, long and uninteresting. This blog is definitely not for those folks. Some years back I did a post on my favorite English mystery movies, now I'm back with part two(after almost 37 months, insert awkward smile here).

10. Gumnaam - Based on "And then there were none" by Agatha Christie. 10 people are trapped on an island and they get murdered one by one. Manoj Kumar must find the killer before they are all murdered. Great theme music, good ending and atmospheric, the movie was spoiled by some very bad acting and ridiculous/illogical moments. Director should have stuck to the original plot.

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9. 404: Error not found - This obscure gem which was released in 2011, is one of those rare pieces of superlative cinema but with a plot which crumbles on scrutiny. A brilliant student starts hallucinating after moving into a room that was occupied by another who committed suicide. Boasting of no star power this one is atmospheric, slow and very much watchable.
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8.  Gupt -  In 1997, Bobby Deol, the dashing son of the legendary actor Dharmendra was at his prime and during that period one of his best movies was released filled with cheesy dialogues, fantastic songs , music and typical Bollywood action sequences. The Movie is a murder mystery where Bobby Deol's step dad is killed and of course he is pinned for the murder. The protagonist then goes out on a hunt to find out and catch the real killer, aided by Manisha Koirala and Kajol who were also in their prime, the movie is a Bollywood masala with a genuine murder mystery with a huge cast of suspects and lots of red herrings. Oh and it also has Om Puri!

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7.  Woh Kaun Thi? - released way back in 1964, starring the enigmatic Manoj Kumar and directed by the brilliant Raj Khosla. The opening scene of the movie shot through the POV of a driver navigating his car through torrential rains is something that I'm yet to come across again. This movie is a must for msytery and movie buffs in general alike. The brilliant direction transforms even a simple scene of a person driving through rain with no music and only the sound of the wiper into an atmosphere of suspense. The movies keeps on piling impossible situations but in the end screws up everything. Had the ending been better handled, this movie would have been much higher on this list.
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6.  Bees Saal Baad - Inspired by the "The hound of Baskervilles"  This Biswajit and Waheeda Rahman starer is an atmospheric, masterly crafted black and white film. Biswajit plays a small town Thakur whose ancestors have been haunted by a vengeful spirit. He is also targeted by the same apparition but things are not what they seem. Haunting atmosphere, catchy music and good acting.

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5. Dhund - Based on the novel 'Unexpected Guest' by the Queen of crime, This brilliantly acted and directed movie is one of the best whodunits of hindi cinema. Chandrasekhar's (played by Naveen Nischol) car breaks down on a cold, foggy night. He enters a house for help, only to found the owner murdered and his wife standing besides him with a gun. did the wife really murder her husband? There is a twist is the tale in this one.

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4. Ek Ruka hua Faisla - A copy of the classic 12 Angry men, the plot revolves around a jury of 12 men who spend an entire day contemplating over the fate of a boy who has been accused of murdering his father. Some great performances and magnificently shot, One of the best Hindi mystery movies, even if its a rip off. It's a well done rip off.

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3.  Kahaani - starring perhaps the best actress in hindi cinema right now, Vidya Balan. Vidya plays a pregnant woman in Calcutta who is looking for her lost husband, who was working for the NDC. The NDC in turn claims that this person does not exist and does not work there. Aesthetically shot against the background of Calcutta, the mysteries keep on piling in this one.

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2.  Kaun? - Starring Urmila Matondkar and Manoj Bajpai. Urmila is stuck alone at home, while a serial killer is on the loose. Manoj Bajpai knocks on her door for help as torrential rains are battering the city. Urmila suspects that Manoj might be the killer, Manoj somehow gains access to her house. Things then start to get stranger and stranger... One of my favorite mystery movies. It is horror, psychology, mystery all packaged together and very well done. Made by a maverick director.

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1. Khamosh - IMO best hindi mystery movie of all time. Directed by the maestro of Hindi Cinema, Vidhu Vinod Chopra. This one has a galaxy of stars, Amol Palekar, Nasseruddin Shah, Shabana Azmi, Sadashiv Amarpurkar etc. Thriller about mysterious murders that take place on a film location. Which of the crew is guilty? Or is it someone from outside? Keeps you guessing till the end.

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  1. Great list. I haven't heard about 404 though.
    Kamal Amrohi's "Mahal" would fit suitably here. It is a classic mystery even though it does not have any murders. And what an ending it has!

    1. hi,

      watch it, its a lesser known movie you might love it or completely hate it.

      Mahal's got a beautiful cast too, I think i will re-watch it soon, have so many fond memories of it.

  2. You missed Ittefaq. Infact, Kaun was based on Ittefaq.
    You also missed Mithun and Rakhi's dhuaan. Rishi kapoor's khoj. Both were based on chase a crooked shadow.
    Then police public was a fantastic mystery. So was 100 days
    You missed ashok kumar's kanoon. 1st hindi movie without songs.
    Otherwise the list is superb.. Especially khamosh

    1. hello,

      yes i do realize i had to forego a lot of good movies, i guess it comes down to personal choice, though I have to admit never heard of 'Dhuaan'; will check it out.

      Khoj is ofcourse a classic mystery movie. Rishi Kapoor very underrated actor.

  3. Tera Saaya is pretty good too!

    1. Excellent choice. Loved it, the music is also nice. Have you seen Talvar? watched it only recently on NetFlix, great movie.


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